Home Theater


Not long ago, the concept of building one of our home theater systems within your home would have been just a mere fantasy that only the rich and famous could have achieved. Technology and the sophistication of the media equipment have now made that dream a reality. It’s now easy to achieve a stunning Home Theater with Surround Sound on a realistic and modest budget.  Our certified and experienced staff can make the movies at your home better than what you would experience at your local cinema – no sticky floors! We are the leading Indiana Home Theater Design team.

Our Home Theater Systems include a complete design package including acoustic room treatment, home theater design and layout, 3D design renderings, installation and programming, surround sound systems, home theater seating, and the calibration of all audio-visual equipment to ensure the highest levels of performance. We go the extra mile to ensure that your system is installed for the optimum pleasure, maximizing the qualities of the room. After all there’s no fun in buying a Ferrari if you can only drive it in 1st gear! We are confident that as your Home Theater experts, we can meet the expectations of the most discerning audio video-phile.Design-a-Vector-Audio-Speaker-Icon-In-Illustrator

We use the highest quality products on all installations to ensure you are getting the best home theater system that fits your unique and personal needs. With a Sony Home Theater you are going to get the best in Surround Sound and video quality, all at the touch of a button from any smart phone. Feel the sound with the best in Surround Sound speakers. Full HD with 3D integrated viewing with make you feel like you are in the movie! Turn your smart phone into a versatile remote and get all of the basic remote functions PLUS a full QWERTY keyboard that makes searching the internet for a movie a snap.

All Home Theater Systems are different and unique in their own way, which is why we also use Samsung Home Theater equipment. You can have a smart Home Theater with equally impressive Surround Sound. With Samsung’s rich, warm sound your Home Cinema experience with be unmatched by any public movie theater. Your house will become the gathering place of the neighborhood, and where all of the kids will gather after school!

To complete your perfect Home Theater, we have the widest selection of home theater seating. You can create a custom seating arrangement or choose from our wide variety. Whether you are looking for casual or professional home theater seating, we offer seating design solutions for any home theater setup. There will be no better place to entertain and engage with friends in your one-of-a-kind home theater.

Whatever the Home Theater Systems requirements are, we can design, install and program the best Home Theater that surpasses your wildest expectations. Take the first steps to commence the design of the Best Home Theater System, contact us to arrange an initial consultation and start to realize your dreams