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Q: How Much is a second opinion or a new design quote?

A: Absolutely Free!  Since we win the majority of the work we bid on, we’d be insane to charge a bid fee!
Its free!  Take advantage of it and get another opinion and quote on your job!

Q: How can you offer such competitive prices compared to the other companies who quoted.

A: In short.  Experience.  Because we’ve been doing this for 30+ years, and the highest skilled technicians (all with college degree’s) it takes us only about half the time for labor as the other companies.  Over-pricing labor and hours is the main revenue source for our competition.  We pride ourselves on ethical margins, accountability, and making the most of the time we are there.  In fact before every installation we have a pre-installation protocol that we run through everything we are going to do so when we arrive on site we can get right to work.

Q: Do I need a large home to benefit from an integrated system?

A: Absolutely not.

Converging and maturing technologies have been reversing this trend. In the last few years system integration technology has landed firmly in the mainstream and become much more affordable.

Even the most modest home will benefit in many ways from a home automation system.

If you would like to save energy, increase security, enhance your entertainment options, beautify your home and/or simplify your life – We have a solution for you.

Q: Should I wait until I’m remodeling to consider an integrated system? 

A: Not at all.

We are experts at technology.  Meaning there is a a bullet-proof wireless option for almost all the systems we engineer. Whole-house lighting control, motorized window treatments, security and surveillance systems and distributed entertainment systems can all be installed in an existing house with no new wiring and yet still have the reliability and functionality of our wired systems.

Q: When should I call you?

A: As soon as possible.  We cannot stress this enough – If you are remodeling, you should call us as soon as you enter the planning stages.  If you are not remodeling, you should call us even if its a little before you’re ready to pull the trigger so you know what to expect financially.

Half of what we do is design and engineering. We can save you a lot of time and money if we can create a system design and associated architectural plans before work gets under way.

Using this approach, you will know exactly what you are going to get and how much it will cost.

An example is if you are planning on having motorized window treatments, we would want to specify the framing detail that would be necessary to conceal the roller and drive system.

Most of the jobs we get called to would have been simpler, less expensive and more aesthetically pleasing had we got there earlier.

Conversely, we have never been called in to a project too early.

Q: What is the difference between home automation and system integration?

A: The correct title for what we do is ‘system integration’.

Over the years various terms such as ‘home automation’and ‘smart home’ have been used a lot but these names are ambiguous and have no real technical meaning.

“In engineering, system integration is the bringing together of the component subsystems into one system and ensuring that the subsystems function together as one system.  Its about adding value to the system and offering capabilities that are only possible because of the interactions between those systems”.

Q: What sets you apart from other contractors? 

A: First and foremost.  We listen.

We don’t give you what we think you need.  Or what we want to do.  We are outside the box thinkers dedicated to fulfilling exactly what you want.

We specify a system tailored to your particular needs and incorporate our design into your architectural plan set.

We have extensive experience and knowledge in the multiple disciplines necessary to ensure a successful outcome in any project we get involved in.  We invariably become an invaluable resource to our clients above and beyond our specific scope of work.

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