Whether you just need a TV mounted, have the desire to seamlessly listen to music throughout your home or are fulfilling the childhood dream of a in-home seat shaking, teeth rattling high end movie theater….Indiana Audio/Video is the custom installation company you have been searching for.  

Indiana Audio Video brings exception quality and attention to detail at a price you never though possible.  Backed by over 40+ years of experience in Custom Installation and Integration, our finished product speaks for itself with results we guarantee done to the smallest detail.

We love a challenge and look forward to giving you an FREE initial design estimate or a FREE SECOND OPINION on any work you have had quoted already.

“You owe it to yourself and your hard earned money to have
Indiana Audio Video quote your job!”



• Home Theater Installation
• Commercial Multi-Location Video Installation
• Home & Commercial Music Installation (Sonos)
• Surveillance & Security
• Conference Rooms
• TV Mounting & Cable Management
• Storing DVD and Blu-Ray Collections in Digital Format for Easy Access
• New Build Pre-wiring
• Lighting Control

• Smart Home Automation
• IT And Networks

“Born from the desire to want to do things differently than the competition and priding ourselves on our friendly service, outstanding support, thorough follow up, impeccable attention to detail and competitive pricing offered only at Indiana Audio Video.”

Contact Us today for a FREE Estimate or browse our Testimonials and Gallery to see some of our outstanding work!


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